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Teaching Dates

July 4 - 13
Teaching Languages
English, Russian

Nikolai Saratovsky is an internationally acclaimed Russian concert pianist. He began his piano studies at the age of six and gave his first solo recital when he was only nine and performed with a symphony orchestra shortly after. Nikolai entered the prestigious Central Music School in Moscow at the age of fifteen. Saratovsky then was accepted to enroll at the Moscow State Conservatory under the guidance of Professor Elena Richter. He graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory with the Academic Excellence Award in 2010, and completed his Masters in 2013. Saratovsky`s development is followed by world renowned artists such as Dmitry Bashkirov, Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri, Philippe Entremont, Jerome Lowenthal, Michel Beroff, Robert Roux and Artiom Agazhanov.

Nikolai Saratovsky is the recipient of the numerous awards including the Russian President Award in recognition of his musical accomplishment.
2003 – Andorra International Piano Competition (III Prize)
2004 – Porto International Piano Competition (Portugal, V Prize)
2005 – Moscow Central Music School International Piano Competition (I Prize)
2006 – Hamamatsu International Piano Competition (Japan, VI Prize)
2007 – International Piano Competition in Ruza (Moscow region, III Prize)
2010 – Ferrol International Piano Competition (Spain, III Prize) 2011 – Ferrol International Piano Competition (Spain, I Prize)
2013 – International Piano Competition “Spanish composers” (Madrid, Spain, II Prize)
2013 – International Piano Competition “Arcangelo Speranza” (Taranto, Italy, III Prize)
2014 – International Piano Competition “Arcangelo Speranza” (Taranto, Italy, II Prize, Audience Prize)

His talent for educating a growing generation of young musicians has led to giving master classes and public lectures. Nikolai Saratovsky is regularly invited to conduct master classes in Japan and has recently appeared as a guest clinician in a series of master classes in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In 2012, he participated in the 31st Yokohama International Piano Concert at Minato Mirai Small Hall. In 2014, Nikolai Saratovsky took part in a workshop for the children in the Minato Mirai Great Hall in Yokohama and at a Japanese elementary school for children with disabilities.

Nikolai Saratovsky has performed in major concert halls around the world including the Great, Small, and Rachmaninoff Halls of the Moscow Conservatory; Taipei National Concert Hall; Weiwuing Concert Hall in Kaohsiung; Brussels Royal Conservatory Hall; Suntory Hall in Tokyo, Luxembourg Philharmonic. He has appeared in concert engagements in Russia, Belgium, England, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, South Africa, Canada, the United States, and New Zealand. Nikolai Saratovsky has performed with symphony orchestras in Russia, the United States, Portugal, Spain, and Japan. In 2021 Nikolai made his debut performances with the National Symphony Orchestra and Kaohsiung Symphony
Orchestra of Taiwan. He has also been collaborating with different instrumentalists of an international caliber.


In 2015, Nikolai Saratovsky became a member of the International Certificate for Piano Artists program (ICPA) based in Brussels. In the same year, Nikolai recorded an audio CD for Roland France.

Recently, he has established a cultural exchange project between Russia and Japan, which involves a series of master classes for the young musicians regularly held in Moscow. His newest CD was released in November 2018 in the presence of the Russian Ambassador in Luxembourg.


Since February 2020, Nikolai Saratovsky is a full time Piano Professor at the Music Department of National Taipei University of Education.

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