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Szczecin-Goleniów Airport

How to get from Berlin

Szczecin Airport to arrive at Euro Music Festival

The Airport is located around 45 km from Szczecin city center and services both domestic and foreign flights. There is a railway station adjacent to the airport.

Take the FlixBus 
Flixbus about 2 hours ~ 2:40 min.  Bus Fare EUR 10 ~ 14 

1. Berlin Brandenburg Airport 

Departure Station : Hugo-Junkers-Ring (Busparkplatz B), 12529 Schönefeld

Arrival Station : Dworcowa 16, 70-206 Szczecin

2. Berlin Alexanderplatz 

Departure Station : Alexanderstrasse 3, 10178 Berlin  

Arrival Station : Dworcowa 16, 70-206 Szczecin

3. Berlin Südkreuz 

Departure Station : Hildegard-Knef-Platz, 10829 Berlin

Arrival Station : Dworcowa 16, 70-206 Szczecin

4. Berlin Central Bus Station 

Departure Station : Masurenallee 4-6, 14057 Berlin

Arrival Station : Dworcowa 16, 70-206 Szczecin

Bus Ticket Purchase and all detailed information at



Szczecin is a lively city, an important seaport and a shipbuilding centre close to the border with Germany. Although the mediaeval centre of Szczecin was severely destroyed during wartime, there are still some remaining magnificent monuments of architecture, reminiscent of the times when Szczecin, as part of Prussia, was considered the “Paris of the North”. But Szczecin is mostly about water and lush verdure: rivers, lakes, woods and parks take up half of the city area.


Its architecture is often compared with Paris, as the heart of the city is a star-shaped square, with diverging avenues. There is another reason for making the comparison with Paris - Baron G.E. Haussmann, who created a town-planning project for the French capital, also designed Szczecin.

The city of Szczecin is situated close to several large expanses of open water. The Baltic Sea is within an hour’s driving, the Szczecin Lagoon, a part of the Baltic almost cut off from the open sea with a series of islands, is even closer, while to the east the city is almost surrounded by Lake Dabie.


Szczecin is on the delta of the Odra River, and several of the Odra’s confluents flow through the city.


The German-Polish frontier is close to Szczecin, and Berlin is only 120 km away. The closest border crossings are in Kolbaskowo, Rosowek and Lubieszyn.

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