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Teaching Dates 
July 26 - 31

Teaching Languages
English, Spanish, Italian

Giuseppe Devastato born in Naples, is a pianist and composer recognized by international critics as one of the most exciting pianists of his generation, completed his studies in Italy under Prof. Carlo Alessandro Lapegna (Piano) and Prof. Giacomo Vitale (Composition), his art has been crafted by renowned pianists such as Laura De Fusco, Francesco Nicolosi and Aldo Ciccolini.


Giuseppe Devastato has worked in the most important theaters in Europe America and Asia, such as the Manoel Theatre (Malta), Sala Villanueva (Mexico), León Auditorium (Spain), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), Ravello Festival (Italy), Carnegie Hall of New York (USA), Ateneum Bucharest, National Philharmonic of Timisoara (Romania) National Auditorium of Kiev (Ukraine), National Philharmonic of Szczecin, Tarnow, Krakow and Bydgoszczy (Poland), Wuxi Gran Theater,  Beijing Performing Art Center, Shanghai Symphony Hall (China), Scriabin Museum Big Concert Hall (Russia), Wuxi Gran Theater (China), National Auditorium of Tokyo.


Often invited to the Ravello International Festival, he performed the complete Sonatas and Variations for piano and cello of Beethoven and Brahms and has worked with many orchestras such as the IASI Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra of the State of Mexico, Kiev Symphony Orchestra, Sofia Chamber Orchestra, Accademia dell'Arco of Poland and Saratoga Youth Spring Orchestra of New York.


Giuseppe Devastato was awarded the "International Prize Cartagine 2011” to human merit and professional achievements in the "MUSIC" section, for the dissemination of music in general - and Italian music in particular - around the world, in virtue of the merits acquired as a pianist and composer, with the intention to spread the world of classical music: “His actions show high sensitivity and a deep love for life. His playing is intended to imitate the human voice and is inspired by the art of Bel Canto of the Neapolitan School”.


The debut at Carnegie Hall in New York as a pianist and composer, May 30th, 2014 was greeted with a standing ovation, on this occasion he presented the "Sembazuru Fantasy" (dedicated to Tsunami Victims) for Violin, Piano and Orchestra.


On December 15th, 2015 he won two international awards to Global Music Awards in Los Angeles - USA, Gold Medal “Toccata” composition, and Gold Medal “The Pianist Composer” album.


His albums are published by Warner Chappel Music, CAM, Da Vinci Classics where they have received awards and reviews in the most important music magazines, and his albums are regularly broadcast by the most important classic radios in Europe and America.


He is currently invited to teach master classes in Europe, America and Asia, presenting his new book "The Science of Piano Technique" based on the technical and musical criteria of the Neapolitan School of S. Thalberg.


His students have won more than 50 international awards, members of Alink-Argerich, such as S.Thalberg, Cesar Franck, Composers of Spain, Maria Herrero, Riga International Piano Competition, Windsor International Piano Competition, Newcastle YPN, F. Liszt Weimar, etc..


Author of music for piano, chamber and symphony, his compositions are performed regularly in Europe, America and Asia, performed by great performers and published by Da Vinci Edition.


He is the Artistic Advisor of the International Piano Competition "The Neapolitan Masters" in Naples (Italy) and "Mimas Music Festival" in Procida Island (Italy).


He currently teaches Master Classes in Europe, America and Asia and is Professor of Piano and Chamber Music at Musical Arts Madrid Academy and at Accademia Musicale Europea in Naples.

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