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Andrei Ivanovitch -  MC0.jpg

Teaching Dates 
August 12 - 21

Teaching Languages
English, German, Russian, Romanian

Andrei Ivanovich's musical education began at the age of five in his hometown  Bucharest / Romania. Later, on the recommendation of the romanian pianist Valentin Gheorgiu, he moved to St. Petersburg, where he continued his musical education at the special music school for gifted children. 1987 he entered St. Petersburg Conservatory where has been tutored by the famous pupil of S.I. Savshinsky - Prof. Moisey Halfin, and later, (after moving to Moskow) - by the followers of the famous traditions of Henrik Neuhaus - Prof. Lev Naumov and Theodor Gutman. 

Andrei Ivanovich became an internationally recognized pianist and teacher, one of the representatives of the both Russian and European piano schools.

Winner of many prestigious international piano competitions (Cagliari, Salerno, Cologne, Terni, "World Piano Competition" - Gold Medal) Andrei Ivanovich has many concert activities, including performances in such world-famous halls as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Moscow and St. Petersburg Philharmonic, as well as in various concert halls in Japan, Germany, Italy, Romania, Serbia, etc.


After moving to China, Andrei Ivanovich carries out annual concert-tours through the largest halls of China, such as National Center of Performing Arts (NCPA), Beijing Concert Hall, Shanghai Concert Hall and Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shandong Grand Theatre, Guanzhou Grand Theatre, Zhuhai Huafa Grand Theatre, Shenzhen Binhai Performing Art Center, etc...

Andrei Ivanovich combines his concert activity with teaching. For more than 20 years, he taught a piano class at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory, was a visiting professor at the Central, Shanghai and Harbin Conservatories, where he continues regularly to lead master-classes and work as a member of the jury of international piano competitions and festivals.

Ivanovic's activities in China contribute to a broad cultural interactions between China and various countries. 

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