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Teaching Session 
S2 : Jan. 24 - 30
Teaching Languages
English, German, Chinese

Ruth Slenczenska, the legendary American pianist, commented after listening to Tsai’s performance:
His interpretation of Chopin is noble and elegant, with delicate touch keys and rich and deep timbre changes, which
makes me so enjoyable.

Dr. Ming-Jui Tsai was graduated from the Department of Music from Soochow University in Taipei. During this period, he won the championship of the Concerto Competition and performed Mendelssohn Piano Concerto with conductor Professor Zhang Jiren and Soochow University Orchestra in National Concert Hall Taipei.


In 1998, he entered the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg” and studied under the well-known pianist Professor Marian Migdal; in chamber music, he studied under cellist Wolfgang Mehlhorn and Professor Niklas Schmidt. During the school period, he was one of the active Asian students.

In addition to participating in the school’s public concerts, he was also severally invited by the Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland to perform as a soloist. In 2000, at the Lichtwark Saal Concert Hall in Hamburg, he was invited to play for the President’s Inaugural Concert, which was highly acclaimed. In 2003, he obtained his Master degree in piano performance. Since 2005, he started the performing and education career in Taiwan. In 2017, he received his PhD in piano performance from the Music Department of National Taiwan Normal University, and published Taiwan s first doctoral thesis on three
large-scale piano works by composer Sofia Gubaidulina.


Invited cooperation units include: Taipei German Cultural Center, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, NSO's Music Academy concert, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, International Ballet Star Gala (Kuroshio Art), Taipei Philharmonic Radio Station, Kaohsiung City Chinese Orchestra, MUZIK Magazine. The performance footprint covers Tokyo, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Munich, Hamburg and other places.


In June 2013, he recorded and published the first personal piano solo album “Reminisce of the Seasons”.


Currently, he is an assistant professor in the Department of Music of Soochow University and the Department of Traditional Music of National Taiwan University of Arts. Parallel, he is severally invited to give master classes in the main music schools and colleges over Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, etc.

美國傳奇鋼琴家─露絲史蘭倩絲卡Ruth Slenczenska在聆聽其演奏之後如此地評論: 「他的蕭邦詮釋地高尚優雅,細膩的觸鍵及豐富深沉的音色變化,讓我愉快地享受其中。」 1998年進入德國國立漢堡高 等音樂戲劇學院“Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg”就讀,在校期間為活躍的亞洲學生之一,除參與校方公開音樂會演出外,並受駐德國漢堡台北經濟文化 代表處之邀合作演出。2000年於漢堡市 Lichtwark Saal音樂廳,受邀為總統就職音樂會擔任鋼琴獨奏,極獲好評。2003年取得國立漢堡高等音樂學院鋼琴演 奏碩士文憑。2017獲得台灣師範大學音樂學系鋼琴演奏博士學位,發表台灣首篇以作曲家”蘇菲亞古 拜杜莉娜(Sofia Gubaidulina)”之三首大型鋼琴作品為題之博士論文。
「音樂學苑」音樂會、 台灣國樂團、文建會、台灣傳藝總處、國際芭蕾舞星在
台北(黑潮藝術)、台北愛樂廣播電台、台新銀行、高雄市文化局、高雄市立國樂團、亞洲音樂協會、台北柳琴室內樂團、台北青年國樂團、雅砌音樂、MUZIK 雜誌、台灣室內樂推廣協會、新逸藝術經紀、雙溪樂集、及法鼓山文教基金會等。除了於 台灣各地,演奏足跡也涵括東京、上海、吉隆坡、慕尼黑、漢堡等地。2013年六月與雅砌音樂製作 公司合作錄製發行首張個人鋼琴獨奏專輯 「想念的季節」。2017年起受邀於廣州星海音樂院、深圳藝校、上海音樂院附中、廈門鼓浪嶼音樂學校、杭州音樂院等給予鋼琴大師班。目前為東吳大學音樂系與台灣藝術大學傳統音樂系助理教授,同時任教於中正高中、新北高中與古亭國小音樂班。

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