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2017, the Year of 500th Anniversary of the Reformation 
Imagine that you are at the historical spots feeling Luther and Bach, while you are participated in the 2017 Euro Music Festival and Academy. 

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2017 Euro Music Festival & Academy COMPETITION

During each session in 2017 EMFA, there will be two final evening concerts. The participants to play at these concerts will be recommended by each professor.

Among the players at these concerts, the best three will be selected and invited to have a "Prize Winner" recital in concert halls in Leipzig and Halle in 2017/2018, as well as to perform at the edition of 2018 EMFA.

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Pre-formed chamber groups in well-preparation who will take part in the Chamber Music Course in 2017 Euro Music Festival & Academy, will be exempt from the 1st round audition in 2017 International Beethoven Chamber Music Competition. 

: Pre-formed chamber groups (DUO / TRIO / QUARTET) who will take part in the Chamber Music Course in 2017 EMFA. 

: A group will be exempt from the 1st round audition when applies for 2017 IBCMC which will be held on November 5 - 12 in the European Center of K. Penderecki in Luslawice Poland. 

: A group shall prepare for repertoire for the course in 2017 EMFA, at least one movement from Beethoven Works. 
: The application to 2017 IBCMC shall be done directly to the center of IBCMC located at Berlin, Germany. The detailed information can be seen at the competition website http://www.beethoven-chamber-music-competition.eu (2017 edition is being updated.)

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2017 Euro Music Festival and Academy will be held on July 1 - August 30 in Händel city Halle and Bach city Leipzig.

The Academy will take place at the dates mentioned below!


7. 17(arrival) - 7. 28(departure)
7. 28(arrival) - 8. 08(departure)
8. 08(arrival) - 8. 19(departure)

- Aula, Löwengebäude, HALLE
- Händelkarre Haus 1, HALLE
- Alte Handelsbörse, LEIPZIG
- Thomaskirche, LEIPZIG
and more

We look forward to your continuous concern and participation!



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2017 Euro Music Festival & Academy will present STRING ORCHESTRA COURSE PROGRAM, 
which will includes daily orchestra rehearsals, sectional coaching and performances 
in major concert halls in Halle/Leipzig, Germany. 

The orchestras with their conductor are very welcome to join 2017 Euro Music Festival & Academy. 
For further information in regards to application, please feel free to contact 2017 EMFA